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A message from Jack Williams, Co-Coordinator Twin Cities Pride Booth.

First of all, Happy Pride! One big word sums up this weekend: INSPIRATIONAL! It is important for me to share the pride celebration with my family, friends, and the community. I want to show them how much we welcome all diversities, identities, and backgrounds. I met so many amazing people who eager to know about our booth, MN Deaf Queers. I think most of them didn’t realize that being deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind are also part of LGBTQ+ community. We are often recognized as second-class citizens that we couldn’t express our thoughts and feelings. In reality, we are the same as you! I hope after this, everyone embraces all beautiful people and unites into a stronger community of MN LGBTQ+.

When I work in the booth and stages over the weekend. I’m so humbly inspired to see everyone work together beautifully. I’m inspired when I met all the beautiful people who were eager to learn about our booth. All volunteers and workers also inspired me. I watched many people work so hard to make sure our experience exceeded our expectations at the TC Pride Festival. I was so glad that I came and helped because I made a few wonderful new friends there! Many thanks to all the people who make this happen for all of us! My heart is filled with joy!

I would like to see more volunteers come and help our booth and stages. I think if we had a committee for the TC Pride Festival it would give me a better location at the Loring Park where we won’t feel separate from others. I also would love for TC Pride to recognize us as MN Deaf Queers not under the ASL interpreter agency and acknowledge our group for signing the songs at the stages. We need to work on the accessibility for our people; struggle to navigate crowds and uneven pavement.

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