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Happy Pride Month!

Thank you for participating in You've been Rainbowed!

We started this because last year, COVID kept us apart. Pride is often a time, and space for many of us who do not see one and another for a year. We look forward to this togetherness. We look forward to connecting, supporting one and another, sharing in our long journey, or our new journey.

To be kind goes miles beyond....

We learned through Last year's You've been Rainbowed that spirts were lifted, people gave time to the purpose of this activity, to be kind to others, to love one and another and to remind eachother, we are not alone.

For some, Being part of the LGBTQ+ community was a long road, stirs memories and deep gratitude to our elders for paving a path, ( that is not yet done) to be where we are today. For some, it was not so bad, and they had a support system, that made the journey easy.

For some, it is a living nightmare, and they are just surviving, and life isn't that simple.

For all of us, we must remind ourselves that the people before us, fought long and hard, and did not have it easy. The people that are here today, are still fighting, maybe not for themselves but for their friend, their neighbor, their brother/sister/ and family. For our future young selves, we must remind them, that without the past, there is no today or future. We must teach them their history, expose them to today's happenings, and invite them to be part of the movement so that our future has a chance and has change.

For tonight, we express our deepest gratitude to the act of kindness by our fellow community members for being a Rainbow in someone else's potential cloud.

May we continue to pave the path, together, hand in hand, supporting any way we can, and doing our part to be part of the change that still is needed to come. We stand with our community against all injustice, racism, discrimination, and acts of hate.

As the people before us kept at it, for change, kept marching and walking. The people before us kept showing up, demanding changes, demanding to be seen as a person, a human, an individual, and to be of EXISTENCE. We will continue to demand that so that those in our community, every single one, EXISTENCE is recognized, respected and VALUED.

Together we celebrate our Pride.

Together we celebrate our Community.

Together we celebrate our Commitment to being our true selves.

Yours in Pride, Minnesota Deaf Queers.


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