• Minnesota Deaf Queers

Minnesota Deaf Queers Rainbow Family Co-Coordinators.

Cookie and Kathy have a message for you.

Cookie (on the left) is a black woman with short hair, wearing hoop earrings, and a yellow shirt with LGBTQIA fingerspelled and in letters. Kathy (on the right) is a white woman with short hair and glasses, wearing a necklace and a jean jacket with shirt underneath. Both are signing about the Annual MDQ Family Cookout.

Transcription of the signed message:

Hello! I’m Cookie Brand, one of the Minnesota Deaf Queer Family Coordinators.

Hello! I’m Kathy Manlapas ,one of the Minnesota Deaf Queer Family Coordinators.

We would like to inform you about this year’s Family Gathering that tends to happen in June.

Due to challenges from COVID, we are not able to host a cook-out this year.

However, we would like to announce that the MN Deaf Queer Family Cook-out will happen next year - 2022

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