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MN Gov. Walz honors Queer Deaf sign language interpreter by declaring March 9 "Nic Zapko Day!"

Gov. Tim Walz surprised Deaf sign language interpreter Nic Zapko, declaring March 9, 2021 — their birthday — as Nic Zapko Day. Zapko, of Bloomington, has been by the governor's side in nearly every news conference he's done since the start of the pandemic.

Walz ended his COVID-19 briefing with a surprise for Zapko.

"I want to take a point of personal privilege here ... there's been somebody whose been here since the beginning ensuring that every single Minnesotan had access to this information in real-time. That person is by far the most popular person on this podium and the most well-known," Gov. Walz said, "I would like to make a proclamation today for Nic Zapko, our interpreter, who we've all come to really appreciate and enjoy."

Watch the moment here:

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