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National Coming Out Day, 2021

Coming out is a journey that is unique for every individual.

Some fear coming out. Some are bold in coming out. Some never come out. Some are always coming out. Some come out so that others can come out, too. In all of these, you are not alone.

Whatever you decide for yourself is the right decision for you.

We are here for you and support you.

Just know that you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.

You are not alone. You are loved.

Image: Different colored shirts lined up, with the I LOVE YOU hand by different people.

Out and Proud- Every color of the Rainbow matters.

Come out on your terms. No one should expect this of you. Most importantly, come out for yourself and because you want to. SIGN IT with P R I D E. It is yours and only yours to define.

Image: Ten individuals with different colored shirts matching the progressive rainbow flag and black/dark pants all posing for the camera.

No one belongs in the closet. But if you are safer inside, we will guard the door. If you ever need someone to come out to, we are here. No judgment, just love and support. If your family does not support you, we are your family now. (Borrowed from HRC).

Image description:

Ten individuals standing side by side in varying different color shirts representing the progressive rainbow flag, facing the camera and with sign " I love you".

Happy National Coming Out Day from Minnesota Deaf Queers framily.

FB: Mndeafqueers

IG: MNDeafQueers

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