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Open spaces.

Keeping you posted with MDQ News.

First, it goes without saying, this organization cannot run without you. We are always seeking people willing to take a role, to help lead, strengthen and grow MDQ. Please if you would like to extend your leadership skills, take on a role, lead meetings, set up events, and help us complete our bylaws and 501c3, join the team. We have a connection of pioneers, those in between, and our youth. Connecting all of this in one space helps us to support one and another, grow together and cement our resources for our elders, those in the closet, those coming out, those who need support and those who can give that to others. We thank you for considering.

July 8th, 2021-

Join us as we honor NIC who was selected as the Grand Marshal for Twin Cities Pride. There is a group of us going and we invite you to come along. Just purchase your tickets on Go to events. Find Grand Marshall. Purchase and indicate you want to sit at D,DB,HH table. ASL Interpreters and DB Interpreters are provided.

July 17/18- Minnesota Deaf Queer Booth at Twin Cities Pride, Loring Festival.

We thank those who signed up. Thank you, Jack Williams for being willing to take the lead on July 17. If you would like to volunteer at the booth or volunteer as an interpreter at the booth, please contact us.

Seeking ASL Interpreters, Deaf Interpreters and Stage performers for all three stages. Stonewall, P2P, and Loring. Please if you can help, (paid), contact us. We want our Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing participants to have access to the shows. Contact If you would like to help coordinate this, contact us.

July 18th, at Saloon Block Party. For as long as we can remember, the Deaf LGBTQ+ community would gather here yearly to celebrate Pride weekend. It is a different weekend but the same crowd. In the past, community members used to be on stage and were fed by hearing community members the lyrics! It was awesome. Hopefully, many of you will go, as the term goes, we belong together.

July 24th, 2021 @ 10:00 a.m. Annual Queer Brunch at Lago Tacos on Lyndale

Thank you Eric Nooker, for setting this up again. Please RSVP to (Eric) so we can make your reservations. So far a good number, let's come together again and have Brunch.

August 1st, 2021- Minnesota Deaf Queers will be at the Community Cookout. A booth with information will be available. We are 4 volunteers to take an hour shift to work that booth.

Booth Goal: Share information about MDQ and it's upcoming events as well as help educate the general community about the LGBTQ+ community. If interested, please contact us at

Seeking members of the MDQ community for a paid opportunity to participate in redistricting Map meeting with Deaf Equity. This event will take place in August. It is a paid opportunity. We seek members who would like to be part of this and if you are interested please email for more information.

August 27- Queer Camping at Wilderness Way.

Looking to escape the Twin Cities for a rugged time. Book your tent, cabin or loft at Wilderness Way. This is a Lesbian Owned campground. The site has a lake, lake toys, canoe, off site restaurant, walking trails, nightly events, volleyball, and a pontoon boat. We hope to see you there.


As you know our meetings have been on hold, we are seeking access funds so that all who requested access have interpreters for the meeting. We believe one for all, all for one. At the September meeting, we will set our one year goal. In addition, we will elect leaders to take a role for the year.

*Looking for MDQ Organizer (will mentor) and it can be two.

*Looking for MDQ Event planner (will mentor)

*Bowl A Thon Fundraiser Chair

*Wine, Cheese, Art and Drag Show Fundraiser Chair for January

*Soup My Queer Heart committee members to assist Jer Loudenback, Chair for February

*Looking for 4 committee members for our 10th (12) Annual LGBTQ+ Awards Program and Banquet

* Pride Parade Coordinator (Will mentor)

* Pride Interpreter Coordinator ( Will mentor)

*Looking for a LGBTQ+ Youth Coordinator for activities and events that are friendly . High request for Teens.

* Rainbow Coordinators are Cookie Brand and Kathy Manlapas. Thank you!

Last but not least, MDQ is frequently contacted to mentor LGBTQ+ Youth. We are writing a grant for this opportunity and seeking applications for individuals who are ready for this commitment to mentor Youth who are in need of someone to talk to, discuss things with, and to connect to our Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Community. We are partnering with a new organization that has a model and more information will come soon. Looking for all age mentors.

If interested, let us know and we will send you a google form.

Thank you everyone for your support. I hope to see you at the September meeting, if not at all the other community events.

MDQ Organizer

Jessalyn Akerman-Frank

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