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Pride Month, 2022 Updates, News and Upcomings.


We started our Pride with MDQ Cookout led by Cookie Brand, Kathy Manlapas, and Riss Laietze. Much gratitude for their hard work and for your support. We thank our sponsors, booth partners, volunteers, and the community who attended.

Image of a child who is coloring a rainbow flag with markers on the paper that has the words Pride .

Image of a child who is coloring a rainbow flag with markers and on the paper it has the word Pride.

Image of two people standing on the opposite ends with Rainbow flag. The words on the flag say Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Queers and Allies.

Image of two people standing on the opposite ends with a Rainbow flag. The words on the flag say Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Queers and Allies.


Help us raise funds by purchasing Cookies (LGBTQ+ Inspired) from the Chocolate Chickadee. This woman-owned business has been a great supporter of the community. We ordered cookies from them for the mini cookout at the State Park in 2021. The cookies were FAB.

FB Live on Tuesday, June, 14th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. to learn about this opportunity and how you can support us! Here is the link to join on Zoom DEAF EQUITY is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Check out the Chocolate chickadee, our partner in this fundraiser.

MDQ Pride Quilt Raffle- This isn't just any kind of quilt!

Watch a video by quiltmaker Shawn who hand-made a quilt donated to the MDQ community for a fundraiser. Buy tickets at our Pride booth!

Won't be pride you can still buy tickets by ordering online.

Submit payment to our fiscal sponsor's pay pal account: MDQ Quilt in the heading and we will send you tickets.

Descriptive Transcript for Pride Quilt Video

[Video opens to Shawn, a white woman with red hair, wearing a purple sweater and jeans. She is standing next to a rainbow quilt covered in plastic for protection. The background is in a park.]

Shawn: Hi! My name is Shawn, an Ally here at Pride (Cookout). This is an exciting day! Okay, I sewed a quilt. I want you all to enjoy looking at this quilt. I sewed following the old flag.

[Shawn points to the different colors on the quilt.]

Shawn: Then I added colors from the new flag. Here are the new colors.

[Shawn points to black, brown, blue, pink, and white borders on the quilt. Outline of stars are faintly seen on the border.]

Shawn: Black, brown, blue, pink, and white colors are here. The reason why I added stars to the quilt is that whoever wins the quilt will be a star! That person will be a lucky winner to get this quilt. So exciting. This fundraising will go to the 10th Gala event. The cost of raffle tickets will be $5.00 for one ticket and $20.00 for five tickets. Please come to the Pride (Festival) coming up soon in June (June 25 to 26). Please come and see our booth to buy your raffle tickets. Please come!

[Video transits to show the borders of the quilt, white, pink, blue, brown, and black with an outline of stars then zoom over to show rainbow colors in linear patterns against the black background, starting with red and ending in purple. Then Shawn flips a corner over to show tie-dye circles against a black background. The video ends.]

You've Been Rainbowed!

Join us for our third annual event!

Image description: A human with curly brown hair, red-framed glasses, and a black sleeveless shirt is signing for the "You've been Rainbowed", event.

Sign up at this link:

Image of a human (Patrick) with short hair and smiling. He is wearing a black shirt that says LOVE IS BLIND with braille below it. He has a squirt gun, candy, and fun prize items from his You've been Rainowed basket.

MDQ at Twin Cities Pride

Find us in the orange area (Find us on the map) and we will be partnering this year with other organizations. MDQ is acting as an umbrella and asking for partner organizations to cost-share, booth staff share, and resource share at Pride.

Partners joining us this year, are ASLIS, MNCDHH, DEAF EQUITY, KIS, BDA, MADC, AND WILDERNESS INQUIRY. Thanks to booth coordinators, Jer Loudenback and Jack Williams.

Are you an MDQ member, sign up to be part of our booth!

MDQ at the March

We are grateful to be one of the 85 selected to march this year!

Our theme is " ALL HANDS TOGETHER".

The parade group meets at 8-8:30 a.m. See email for the specific location. The parade does not start until 11:00 a.m. We will be marching alongside our community members and partners. Bring your spirit! Bring your Pride! Bring your commitment to uplifting our community and fighting for equality. This is being coordinated by Jer Loudenback with his committee James Paul Beldon, and Cookie Brand. There will be four interpreters marching with us to help keep us informed of what is happening.


Come show your support.

Image: A human (James Paul Beldon) with short brown hair, some facial hair with a black shirt, wearing a rainbow ban watch. The background is all black.


Let you know, about the upcoming Pride Festival, Saturday, June 25th, 2022. There is a volleyball tournament on grass, teams 4 against 4. We set up a deaf team. All deaf, all queer. We will play from 8 am to 6 p.m. Come watch our game and support our team. Hope to see you there.


Minnesota Deaf Queers is hosting a Black and White Gala with a splash of color.

This is the annual Deaf LGBTQ+ Awards program, celebrating its 10th year. We had to postpone the celebration so we are in our 12th year but celebrating ten years of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing LGBTQ+ Queer history!

This is taking place on September 17th, 2022 at the Delta Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We will announce our keynote, Emcees and Special Entertainment the week of Pride! Stay tuned this week for announcing our keynote, emcees, and entertainment! Get your tickets early!

Tickets go on sale, on Pride weekend!


Still searching for ASL Interpreters and Deaf Interpreters for the Stonewall stage, Loring stage, and Minnesota Deaf Queers Booth. Payment for stages $25.00 an hour. MDQ booth is volunteer-based. Email us at

To our community. You are seen. You are loved. You are worthy. You are celebrated. You are beautiful. You are not alone. For some this month can be hard, for some it is a month of celebration, for others of remembrance, and for others a reminder of the work we must still do.

If you need a friend, a mentor, or someone to talk to, please email us, or find us at our booth.

We care.

Yours in Pride,

Minnesota Deaf Queers

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