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Queer Camping - Join us as we wrap up summer.

This used to be an annual tradition of the LGBTQ+ Community for years, and in April, a group of us decided to go ahead and set this up and just go with who wants to go.

Join us on August 27-29. Some will go and stay the whole weekend, some only a few nights. The previous owners for 15 years have moved on and there is new ownership now. With new ownership, means new rules.

Let's find out if the same FUN is happening.

If memories serve us right, there was a lot of Rainbow flags, eating, pontoon boat, rafting, canoeing, fishing, volleyball, horseshoe and hiking.

So we called and met Katie. We learned that there are some reservation changes.

The Lake Cabin only rents week to week. So it is not available.

The camping sites (bring your own tent) is $25.00 a night with two night minimum.

The loft and the Duplex are $115.00 a night (sleeps 4) and there is a three night minimum.

Image of dark night, trees and a lighted tent. Words on the top say CAMP UNDER THE STARS. Words on the left say: Queer Camping. Words in the middle: August 27-29 Wilderness Way Campgrounds. Words to the right: Rt. 47 Gordon Wisconsin .

Reserve your site at


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