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May 22nd, 2022! A message from RISS, one of our MDQ Rainbow Family Co-Chairs!


Hey, you! Save the date, May 22nd!

Why do you need to save the date? We have a cookout called "Pah! We Come Together!"

Who is it for? It is for LGBT+ families and youth to socialize and enjoy times together.

What time does it start? 11 AM to 3 PM

Where will the event at? Highland Park Shelter

Does the admission cost? *shakes head* It's FREE admission!!

If you want to donate funds- we welcome all donations. How can you donate? You can email us at

If you want to volunteer and donate your time to help at the event, go ahead and sign up! The link is in the post:

You can volunteer as an ASL interpreter, DeafBlind interpreter, cooking, serving, helping with parking lots, activities, arts and crafts, and more! Go ahead and sign up!

We hope to see you there!"

video description: a DeafBlind queer white person with short dirty blonde, black rounded glasses, and they are wearing a dark blue navy comfort shirt with a white design going across with a maroon hat. The background is solid black.

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