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St. Paul and Minneapolis Black Deaf Advocates Scholarships Announcement

Introducing the Blanche Wilkins Williams Scholarship & the Roger Brown Scholarship!

Hello! I’m Cookie J Brand, president of the St. Paul and Minneapolis Black Deaf Advocates.

Our non-profit organization focuses on advocacy and equality for our BlackDeaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind community.

One of our goals this year is to support our community including our future leaders by providing them educational and work opportunities.

Let me share a bit of good news that’s coming soon. The St. Paul and Minneapolis Black Deaf Advocates is excited to announce two scholarships honoring important leaders from our community.

Blanche Wilkins Williams, the first black deaf woman to graduate from Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf in 1893. Ms. Williams experienced a lot of barriers as she was denied entry to Gallaudet College. Regardless, she was a pioneer for the Black Deaf youth as she was an Educator, Advocate, Activist for social justice.

Our scholarship, the Blanche Wilkins Williams Scholarship will be rewarded to a BlackDeaf, Hard of Hearing or DeafBlind person who aims for a 4-year degree.

Our Second scholarship honors one of our past (late) presidents, Roger Brown whose outstanding leadership within the St. Paul and Minneapolis Black Deaf Advocates had been recognized when the MSP Black Deaf Advocates was established in 1997.

The Roger Brown Scholarship will be awarded to a Black or IPOC person who aims for a 2-year degree or training program (massage, interpreting, etc) that will benefit the BlackDeaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind community in Minnesota.

We look forward to supporting the positive future of our community and as we strive to break down barriers.

Thank you!

To learn more about the scholarships, please

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